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Spice up your Blender life. You will find here 3D-Art, Tutorials, News and much more what is seasoned with Blender.


Seit 1993


What is Blendersauce? Good Question!

A good question because I am myself not really sure about it. I think Blendersauce will be my place where I will present my Artwork, Products and ideas.

Blender is a real powerful piece of Software and deserves a lot more attention in the 3D World then it is recognized right now. With this page I want to contribute a little bit to make Blender more famous.

But this place will not only be about Blender, Blender is the nucleus surrounded by a lot more. I will post everything around my work with Blender. There will be stuff about Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Photoshop and whatever I use to create my artwork and products.
I hope you will have fun here and maybe learn a little bit.