Importance of checking your Game Models

In the past I was somehow really lazy when it was coming to do really clean models. But since I am involved in the development of Empires and Tribes I learned a lot.
Checking your models is key. But what should you check. Blender gives you a bunch of tools to do so.


Doubles are the first thing I am looking for. Blender gives you the Funktion "Merge by Distance" This is one of the functions I have in my Quickmenu.

Normals Direction

If you do gaming models it is very important that you always check the direction of the Normals, I not, Backface-Culling will hit you in the Face

UV-Mapping and Textures

Check always your UV-Mapping and Textures. Not once, you should check it twice or more 😉

Point of Origin

The Point of Origin or saying the root of the model location should always be 0,0,0

Rotation - Scale

Always, Always check the Rotation and Scale values of your model Rotation always to 0,0,0 and Scale to 1,1,1

Export fbx

My preferred export format is fbx. I always limit the Export to Selected Objects and check the Apply Transform option to be sure that I have not to change the orientation afterwards in the Game-Engine, because every action you have to take in the Game-Engine to change, except for the position, your model is something the Game-Engine has to work on. The keyword here is perfomance.

Just my two Cents about how important it is to check on your game models.

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