Game Asset Portfolio

In this part of my Portfolio you will find all kind of Artwork which was mainly modeled and textured for Game-Assets. All Models are made with Blender. The textures I create usually with Substance Designer and Substance Painter. Substance Designer and Painter because with these to amazing pieces of Software I am able to create really fast high quality textures up to 8k resolution.
Most of the Models are existing as LowPoly and HighPoly model. The textures are Game Engine ready like Unity 3D or the Unreal Engine. You can find these Models on CGTrader or Turbosquid for sale.


Personal Artwork

In this section of my Portfolio you will find my personal Artwork. Artwork which I like to do for myself. As you can see at the moment there is not much to see. I definitely work to much to have time for my personal Artwork.