Why you should support me?!

Creating The-Blendersauce-Vault (TBV) and keeping it alive is a lot of work. The second thing what keeps TBV alive and free – is money.

That’s because I need supporters and sponsors. The release at the 23, Dezember is just the beginning or better speaking I planned much more for TBV.
The next goals for The-Blendersauce-Vault are

Goal 1Goal 2Goal 4Goal 5
Blender procedural Materialsup to 180up to 250
Blender texture based Materials2005008001000 and up
Textures and Texture Mapsup to 500up to 1200up to 18002500 and up
Alpha Brush Sets150200250300
Normal Maps150200300400 and up
HDRIs50100200 300 and up

As you can see there is a lot stuff waiting for you. But these Goals are directly depended on your support at Patreon.com

Patron supportes will be rewarded by several Rewards… as example 4k or 8k High-Resolution Textures. Check out more on my Patreon site.

Goal 1

As you can see in the table above the TBV stock will be quasi doubled. That means that I have to work on that goal at minimum 7 to 10 weeks.
At the same time I want to work at the Website as well because half the way to the release of TBV I realized that the technique behind the TBV has to be much better to get a higher performance

The Patron Goal 1 is set to $1000.

Where your money goes at Goal 1
– doubeling the TBV stock
– improving the perfomance of the website
– Hosting and Online HDD Space
– Backup System

Goal 2

The second Goal is mainly to create much more content. By having more supporters I will be able to improve the texture scanning process. Reaching Goal 2 gives me the opportunity to plan and realize much more trips to scan textures and taking HDRI shoots on different places. The time frame for this goal is about 3 to 4 month.

Where your money goes at Goal 2

– increase the TBV stock
– getting better Hardware to work faster and create more free stuff
– Hosting and Online HDD Space
– compensate travel costs partly
– create a studio texture scanning rig to increase the quality of the textures

The Patron Goal 2 is set to $2.000

Goal 3

The third Goal give me the freedom to set the TBV as my main project and work on it the main time of my worktime on TBV. And I will be able to improve the Hardware to have a much better workflow and speed to create free stuff for TBV.

Where your money goes at Goal 3

– increase the TBV stock
– improve and maintain the Hardware to work faster and create more free stuff
– Hosting and Online HDD Space
– compensate travel costs partly
– create a mobile special texture scanning rig which allows me to increase the resolution and the quality of outdoor and indoor textures.

The Patron Goal 3 is set to $3.500

Goal 4

Reaching this Goal is a dream I hope to come true, because this will set me in the position to work full time on the TBV and delivering stuff for your daily CG-Work on a regular base.

Where your money goes at Goal 4

– increase the TBV stock
– Maintaining and improving the Hardwaref
– Hosting and Online HDD Space
– compensate travel costs
– bringing you constantly new stuff for your CG-Work

The Patreon Goal 4 is set to $5.000 and more

Supporting me means that I am able to spend more time creating free stuff for The-Blendersauce-Vault and Video Tutorials.

Making creating free stuff and creating video tutorials to share knowledge is something I really enjoy to do. But it is a lot of work to create quality content on a regular base.
Conclusion 😉 – the more people are supporting me — the more free stuff for all!!