The-Blendersauce-Vault Release !!!

It was a lot of work the last few weeks but finally… The-Blendersauce-Vault is released and ready to go.
Feel free to Download whatever you want for free.

I know that the system is not perfect and needs still a lot of work.

So my next tasks are to fill up The-Blendersauce-Vault with more free stuff to Download and I have to overhaul the system but this is a task for the first quarter of 2018.

You can help me to make The-Blendersauce-Vault better:

  • Report errors or missing stuff
  • You can contribute procedural Materials
  • If you have any ideas to make The-Blendersauce-Vault better please feel free to contact me.

And remember if you want to Support me just click here!!

I wish you a Merry Christmas



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