Unity automatic Mesh Update

Many beginners in the 3D Game developing are often fighting with very simple tasks.

The following situation:

You have created your first Game by following a tutorial and now you are at the point to bring in your own models and your folder setup looks properly like this:

– MyFirstGame
—– MyFirstGameUnityAsset-Folder
—– MyModelFolder
———- MyModels

So you export your models in an export folder and then import them as Asset into Unity.
Many beginners are doing this that way and they are thinking that Unity takes the Export-Folder as source Folder for your 3D Models. And that is wrong.
Unity creates a copy in the Asset Folder.

The proper way to import a model and keep it up to date if you are changing the mesh is the following.

At first you export your model. But you don’t export it to an extra Export-Folder. Just export the Model directly into your Asset Folder into the folder “Assets” in your Unity Game folder.

To be sure that the model will always update the right way you should do the following:

1.) Create an Empty Game Object

2.) Name the Game-Object in a proper way.

3.) Drag and Drop the Model in your Asset folder into the Game-Object

4.) Create a new Prefab, name it correctly and Drag and Drop your Game-Object into the Prefab

And done…
Now you are on the “Save-Side” and you can be sure that every time you will export and overwrite your Model it will be immediately updated in Unity.



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