The-Blendersauce Vault

While being Admin of a Facebook Group another Admin of the group asked me to have a look on some Material- and Compositing Nodes Screenshots to test them and put them in a Album of Screenshots in the Group. While working and testing some of these Screenshot  in Blender I came up with the Idea to provide the Blendfiles instead only the Screenshots, after some thinking I thought there should be more.

Beginners in Blender are often struggling after the modelling with creating good materials or textures, lighting and world setups. The rendered result often looks crappy and many of them are giving up before they have touched even the surface of the possibilities which Blender provides.

So I decided to create something really useful for the beginners. I created the The-Blendersauce-Vault.

Here I provide material node setups, textures, Normal-Maps and Alpha-Brush Sets and much more related to Blender and ready to use.
It's all for free. You can use the  for your private project as well as for commercial use in your renders, animation and videos. The items in The-Blendersauce-Vault are based on Creative Commons (CC) license or on the Creative Common license BY-4.0.

The-Blendersauce-Vault will be released on the 23, Dezember 2017

After the Release I will permanently adding new stuff to the Vault Updates will be posted on on Facebook and

The-Blendersauce-Vault will permanently grow.

User Contributions are planned for February 2018.

Stay tuned and Happy Blending