Unser Ansatz

The Philosophy of Blendersauce

Blender and the Blender Community is amazing. In the past I had a lot of help of the Blender community. And Blender helped my to create Digital Art to make a living out of it. So I want to give something back!
My hope for this Website is that many Blender users are using this website for their start and life in Blender.

Unsere Geschichte

My Team

Currently my Team is only me 🙁
But my hope is that this will change in the future.


Michael Novelo


My name is Michael Novelo and I am a child of the 70ts.
I have my own IT-Business since 1995.
I made a change 9 years ago and started to create digital Art. Since 6 years I am providing my Artwork on several Image-Agencies for licensing. My Main Power Tools are Blender, Photoshop, Substance Painter and Substance Designer.